Tuesday, January 13, 2009

snowed under...

... not so much metaphorically, with work, but literally: snow is falling everywhere today - silent, inexorable. Can't keep my eyes from the window, and my thoughts are roaming, daydreaming, far, far away from what I should be doing now, with piles and piles of accumulated work in front of me.
A gloss on Clark's lovely rain poem* echoes in my mind like a soothing mantra:

as snow falls on the town
it is snowing in my heart
on the red and the grey
the blue roofs of my heart
snow is steadily falling
all the gutters of my heart
are choked with dead leaves
through the golden eaves
snowflakes slowly percolate...

*The poem is "as rain falls on the town", from Sixteen Sonnets (Nailsworth: Moschatel Press, 1981).

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